Summary: Today’s kindergarten children will become adults in a world where collaboration between humans and robots is considered as normal as it is today between humans. Introducing educational robots as children’s everyday playmates will not only support the development of their metacognitive and 21st century skills, but also helps them to focus on real life instead of the smart devices screens. Guided play in early childhood, seamlessly integrating teaching activities and all subjects with the help of reasonable number of cute robotic friends has been reported as useful in many academic papers. During this workshop with TTS robotics series you will have lots of fun when co-creating learning designs with your peers and learning about the role of robotics in the current field of education.

Additional information: EDUSPACE lab

Presentation lasts for 90 minutes or 180 minutes and consists of practical hands-on workshop.  

Language: English


  • up to 30 participants 90 minutes workshop 500 EUR
  • up to 30 participants 180 minutes workshop 1000 EUR. 

Prices do not include VAT, due to that, 20% percent will be added to the stated prices

Additional requests

The package can be modified according to visitor’s special request. With modifications, a new price will be agreed upon according to the final package after the modifications. Also, it is possible to have a coffee break or catering in addition to the package. The price of the coffee break or catering will be added to the package price based on the invoice from the coffee break/catering company.


To order this package, please contact Viktoria Humal.