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International week at the School of Educational Sciences

From the 22nd of April until the 26th of April 2019, the 1st international week will be held at the School of Educational Sciences. The purpose of this exciting week is to promote internationalization among the students and staff of the school and the university, and offer various interesting opportunities for personal and professional development.


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Many interesting open lectures will take place during the international week – we welcome everybody to participate! Our lecturers are renowned scientists from all over Europe. PS. The lectures are in English.

Monday, 22nd of April  
14.15–15.15 (room S-333) Cristina Popescu (Bielefeld University), "A European Laboratory of Inclusive Education? Reflections on Current "policyscapes", Practices Circulations and Local Negotiations"
16.00–17.00 (room M-225) Mikko Aro (University of Jyväskylä), "Finnish System of Special Education"
Tuesday, 23rd of April  
10.00–11.00 (room M-225) Cristina Popescu (Bielefeld University), "Disability Studies in Education: Theoretical and Methodological Considerations on Participatory and Emancipatory Research"
12.00–13.00 (room M-225) Cristina Popescu (Bielefeld University), "Sharing Experiences, Care and Interdependencies: The Necessary Dialogue Between School Professionals, Learners and Their Families"
14.00–15.00 (room M-225) Mikko Aro (University of Jyväskylä), "The Effect of Language and Orthography on Reading Acquisition"
16.00–17.00 (room M-225) Mikko Aro (University of Jyväskylä), "The Role of Self-Efficacy in Learning"  
Wednesday, 24th of April  
10.00–11.00 (room M-134) Mutlu Cukurova (University College London), "Technology and Education – What Technology Enhances in Education"
13.00–14.00 (room M-218) Jouni Välijärvi (University of Jyväskylä), "Do we need innovative schools to educate innovative people?". Register here
Thursday, 25th of April  
10.00–11.00 (room S-412) Mutlu Cukurova (University College London), "Research-Informed Educational Technologies and Research-Academy-Educator Collaborations for Designing EdTech in Competence Development"
10.00–11.00 (room M-225) Carmel Borg (University of Malta), "Characteristics of Adult Education for Social Change"
12.00–13.00 (room A-325) Jouni Välijärvi (University of Jyväskylä), "Do we need innovative schools to educate innovative people?" (for students)
14.15–15.15 (room M-342) Paolo Lucattini (University of Florence, University of Pisa), "Designing Activities, Contexts and Events in an Inclusive Perspective"
Friday, 26th of April  
10.00–11.00 (room S-236) Cristina Popescu (Bielefeld University), "Getting to University: Transitions and Turning Points in Schooling Trajectories of Learners with Special Educational Needs"
10.00–11.00 (room M-225) Carmel Borg (University of Malta), "Paulo Freire – Education and Social Justice"

On the 26th of April, a student research competition will be held at 12.00–15.00 in the foyer of the Astra building – feel free to drop by!

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