Lecturer (full time)

Country: Austria, Bulgaria

Working Languages: German, Bulgarian, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian.

Academic degrees: MPhil International Relations, University of Oxford; MA EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies, College of Europe; Magister iuris law degree, University of Vienna

Previous positions: 

Lecturer and Researcher at the Chair of Prof. Michael Waibel, University of Vienna, Department of International Law and International Relations;

Research Assistant to Baroness Dr Julie Smith, University of Cambridge;

Research Assistant to Dr Josephine Van Zeben, University of Oxford;

Research Assistant to Prof. Arthur Dyevre, KU Leuven;

Researcher at the Austrian Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, working with Prof. Johannes Pollak and Prof. Katrin Auel.

Research areas: Peace and security studies, International law, European foreign policy, international relations.

International Law; European foreign policy; International Relations Theory.

Notable publications:

‘Le Cas Curieux du Médiateur Partial: Perceptions de l'UE en tant que Médiateur dans le Conflit Israélo- Palestinien’, Duodecim astra, November 2021.https://www.coleurope.eu/about-college/duodecim-astra-college-europe-student-journal-european-studies/issue-1

‘Afghanistan and the EU as a Peace Mediation Actor: Achievements and Value Added – Can It Complete/Complement the Peace Process?’ Oxford Political Review, July 2021. https://oxfordpoliticalreview.com/2021/07/13/3238/

‘Individuals in Conflict – Agency, Rights, and the Changing Character of War. Editorial Introduction’, Katherine Mann, Lucy Song, Guiseppe Spatafora, Julia Vassileva, St Antony’s International Review, Issue 14.2, February 2019.https://www.researchgate.net/publication/335105370_Editorial_Introduction_St_Antony%27s_International_Review_Vol_14_No_2_-_Individuals_in_Conflict_Agency_Rights_and_the_Changing_Character_of_War


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