Vice-Rector for Development

Katrin Saks


Born on 29 November 1956 in Tallinn


1993              Estonian School of Diplomacy, international relations and diplomacy
1976–1981    University of Tartu, journalism
1970-1975    Tallinn Secondary School No. 22
1963-1970    Tallinn Secondary School No. 21

1991-1997    Media trainings in Norway, Denmark, the USA, Belgium


2021-            Vice-Rector for Development at Tallinn University
2020-2021    Project Manager at the BFM
2015-2020    Director of the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (BFM) of Tallinn University
2011-2015    Director of the Baltic Film and Media School of Tallinn University
2009-2013    Member of the Tallinn City Council 
2009-2010    Vice-Chairman of the Tallinn City Council 
2006-2009    Member of the European Parliament
2003-2007    Member of the Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament), Vice-Chairman of the Cultural Affairs Committee, Member of the Broadcasting Council                
1999- 2002   Minister of Population Affairs                             
1998-1999    Project Manager of the Open Estonia Foundation                               
1998-1999    Lecturer at the Concordia International University Estonia
1994-1997    Board member of Estonian Television, manager of the journalistic programme
1979-1997    Journalist of Estonian Television

Creative activity and teaching

I have hosted many television shows for years, the best known of them “Kultuuripilt” (a culture show) in the 1980s and “Teateid Tegelikkusest” (“Messages from the Reality”) in the 1990s. For the latter, I was granted the annual award of the Estonian Association of Journalists in 1992. I have written articles and essays, some of them have been published in the collection “Mõttelend Euroopas” (“Flight of Thought in Europe”) (2009) and in an international collection “How to fly around Europe” (2010).

In 2014-2019, I was in charge of a training project for 250 journalists of developing countries from 46 different states in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Estonia.

Currently, I teach a course “Basic Course in Media Literacy Training” at the BFM. This course aims at improving teachers’ media literacy. I also provide different media trainings.

Social activity

I have served as the President of the Estonian Union of Child Welfare (2006-2012), member of the Advisory Board of the University of Tartu and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, currently a member of the Body of Advisors of the Pallas University of Applied Sciences.

The President of the Republic has awarded me the Order of Merit of the White Star, Fourth Class, in 2004.