Tallinn University has announced a public competition to fill the position of Lecturer of English language from September 1, 2023. Documents required for application.

The deadline for applying for the position is 03.04.2023 (inclusive) through RECRUR.

Academic unit: School of Humanities / Study Areas: Western European Studies

General description of the position: A lecturer is an academic employee, who conducts teaching in their subject field, successfully supervises students involved in research, development and creative work, primarily at the first two levels of higher education, and participates in the educational development activities.  A junior lecturer obtains the teaching experience required at the position of lecturer by teaching at the first two levels of higher education and supervising students at the first level of higher education under the supervision of an experienced academic employee, and the research, development or other creative activity experience by participating in doctoral studies.

Requirements for the candidate: The candidate must meet the requirements of career level I (junior lecturer) or career level II (lecturer) of the position of lecturer, listed in the Annex 6 of the Employment Relations Rules of Tallinn University.

  • A master's degree or an equivalent degree is required to apply for the position of junior lecturer. You can work as a junior lecturer for a maximum of 8 years, during which you must acquire a doctorate. Then, a move to a higher career level (lecturer) is expected.
  • To apply for the position of lecturer, the candidate must have a doctorate degree or equivalent qualification.

Professional experience requirements: The candidate must hold a doctoral degree or be at the final stage of acquiring a doctoral degree in English studies, with a specialization in linguistics. The position implies experience in teaching subjects related to the English language and linguistics, competence in topical issues and research methods in linguistics, as well as interest and readiness to conduct systematic research in the field.  Proficiency in the Estonian language is an advantage.

Description of job responsibilities: In accordance with the Annex 1 and 6 of the Employment Relations Rules of Tallinn University. Work-related duties include teaching the subjects of the linguistic module of the English language and culture BA study programme, such as  morphology and syntax; phonetics, phonology and varieties of English; lexicology; linguistics and introduction to translation studies, as well as subjects of the MA programme of Teacher of Foreign Languages (Teacher of English module); assessing student work and providing feedback; supervising student research at the bachelor and master level; supervising student teaching practice.  Other work duties include participation in the study development activities in the field, working on admission and examination boards, contributing to research projects in the field of English studies and linguistics, professional collaboration within the university and with outside partners, conducting research and publication of results, producing work-related reports. 

Language skills: English at C2 level or native language. An employee who does not speak Estonian is expected to start acquiring proficiency in Estonian upon starting work and achieve language proficiency level B1 within three years and a level comparable to level B2 within five years in order to be able to perform tasks related to institutional development and administrative work in Estonian.

Start of the employment contract: 01.09.2023 / Workload: 1,0 / Remuneration: by agreement, according to Tallinn University Remuneration Regulation / Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Required application documents shall be submitted by 3st April 2023 (incl) through RECRUR.

Time-schedule of the competition and the selection procedure

Additional information: please refer your administrative questions to konkurss@tlu.ee, and for topical questions Head of Department of Western European Studies Associate professor Mari Uusküla mari.uuskula@tlu.ee


Job description in Estonian (Inglise keele lektor)