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Priit Reiska is the Acting Rector of Tallinn University

On 31 August, the Rector's Chain of Office was handed to our former Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Priit Reiska.

Priit Reiska is the Acting Rector of Tallinn University

At the Opening Ceremony of Tallinn University, our former Rector Tiit Land handed the Rector's Chain of Office to Priit Reiska. From 1 September, Priit Reiska is the Acting Rector of Tallinn University.

"The time for the Acting Rector is short, only 8,5 months, yet there are many important tasks that have to be done during that time," said Reiska. "The most important ones are institutional acredition, the transition to a new career model, the election of the new rector and the preparation of the 20210 budget."

The decision to name Priit Reiska the Acting Rector came from the University's Council. "It was important for us that the Acting Rector would be well acquainted with the management of the university and would direct its activities professionally, including following the current practices,” said the Chairman of the Council, Taavi Laur.

Priit Reiska was born in 1970, 3 January and he defendid his Doctoral thesis in 1999, in Germany. From 2007, Reiska has been a Professor of Didactics at the School on Natural Sciences and Health, and the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs from 2009.

The elections for Tallinn University Rector will start from autumn 2020 and the new elected rector will take the office on 15 May, 2021.

Sulev Oll, Head of Communication

Photo: Arno Mikkor