TBC: The university might be open from 18 May

On 29th April, Tallinn University information session was held, where Rector Tiit Land and Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Priit Reiska introduced the university's further plans due to the prolongation of the state of emergency.

tallinna ülikool

If the government does not extend the state of emergency, contact studies at Tallinn University will be partially resumed from 18th May, in accordance with the conditions established by the government. Both, Rector Tiit Land and Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Priit Reiska confirmed in the information session held on 29th April via Zoom, that this decision only applies to graduates and subjects for which contact studies are absolutely necessary. The decision on which subjects require contact studies will be made on 4th May, but their share will probably not exceed 7% of the subjects this semester.

If the examination can be taken using the e-platform, then Rector Land and Vice-Rector Reiska recommends to use this option. If the exam can not be taken virtually, then it can be done at the university by applying the national health safety requirements at the time of the examination. If possible, defences of thesis are also recommended to organise using e-platforms.

Information related to the graduation ceremonies will be published by the university on 5th May, but graduates will be able to receive graduation diplomas or their copies before the ceremonies.

The admission is planned according to a pre-established schedule. Yet, there is a possibility that this schedule gets changed if the emergency situation lengthens. Those who have not yet acquired previous education, but who will acquire it in Estonia by the beginning of the new academic year, will also be allowed to apply.

Study Regulations During the State of Emergency