I consider myself as someone who tries to encourage students to think outside the box in bringing positive changes to people’s lives. As processes in social work are never one-sided but two-directional, students have increased my enthusiasm to look more creative ways and approaches in teaching, and also my field of interest has widened (my field of research: assessment of child well-being, strengths-perspective and solution-focused approach in child protection, child-centered approach). I have been teaching students in Tallinn University since 2007 and I consider myself a lucky person to be part of something very special – seeing the process of young people, students, developing in a professional social workers, supporting and empowering their clients, and “tapping on their client’s shoulder” (as de Shazer, 1994, has said, the professional does not need to push or pull; rather, he or she is always one step behind the client and looking in the same direction.

Main tasks

Teaching: social work with families, solution-focused approach with chidren and families, social work skills and communication, master seminar

Supervising: master's and doctoral theses

Head of Study Area of Social Protection

Areas of research

Assessment of child well-being

Family engagement in child protection

Child-centred approach

Strengths-based perspective