After receiving the confirmation letter, please make the payment as required.

The TEST FEE for 2023 is 220 EUR.

The TEST FEE for 2024 is 230 EUR.


Direct Bank Transfer

Account Name: Tallinna Ulikool
Account Number / IBAN: EE792200221006107980
Details of Payment: IELTS Reference Number, IELTS date, IELTS module (AC or GT), candidate name (all these have to be incl)*
Bank Name: Swedbank

You can also ask for the invoice before making the payment, in that case please provide us (send the request on our e-mail with the details of the payer, wait for the invoice to reach that person/company and then make the payment according to the invoice. We can't send an invoice afterwards!

Other payments:
Additional TRF 5 EUR per copy
Cancellation fee 45 EUR