Visiting lecturer (full time)

Country: Estonia

Academic degrees: Nord Academy mag. Iur; defended doctoral thesis at Nord Academy

Other positions:

Chairman of the Industrial Property Board of Appeal at the Estonian Patent Office
Member of the Patent attorneys’ professional qualifications committee

Previous positions: 

Head of Penal Law and Procedure Division, Criminal Policy Department of the Ministry of Justice
Vice dean and lecturer of the Law Faculty, Nord Academy
Head of division, International treaties and European Integration, Legal Department, Estonian Patent Office

Research areas: intellectual property law, human rights (in particular freedom of expression and freedom of religion), penal law and procedure, criminal policy (in particular) fight against corruption

Intellectual Property Law; European Union Internal Market Law; International Criminal Law; Practical Training

Notable publications:

Chapter 14 (pp 601−620) – [Commentaries to Penal Code]. 5th Edition. Compiled by J. Sootak, P. Pikamäe. Juura. 2021.

[Trade mark disputes in the Industrial Property Board of Appeal. Procedural changes and directions of development.] – Juridica, 10 (2021), lk 737−745.

[There shall be no state church. But what is there?.] – Kirik & Teoloogia. 2017. In 2 parts.

[Basic concepts of the new Anti-Corruption Act (in 5 parts) – Õiguskeel. 4/2012-4/2013.

[Universal human rights versus religious law. An attempt of reduction.] – Acta Societatis Martensis, 1 (2005), 67−88.

Notable projects:

Participation in a team at the Ministry of Justice preparing the transposition of the EU ECN+ Directive (2019/1).

Preparation of a draft act regarding international cooperation in the area of penal procedure (partly EU funded).

Participation in working groups at the EU Intellectual Property Office preparing the common communications CP12 ja CP14.

Revisions of penal law (2014) and criminal procedure law (1st stage, 2019) – participation in the team preparing the draft acts (ordered by the Ministery of Justice, partly EU funded). 

Preparation of the draft code of industrial property as a subteam leader (ordered by the Ministery of Justice, partly EU funded).


Presentation [’Section 40 of the Constitution – separation or cooperation of the state and churches?-] – Conference „Religious freedom in Estonia“, 2019.