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Elisabetta Romano KiNESIS experience

In the KiNESIS project, we have a guest Italian study in Estonia at Valgjärve – a small village in south-eastern Estonia. Here you can read her feedback about her experience.


While I was planning my arrival at Valgjärve – a small village located in south-eastern Estonia – a thought crossed my mind: this is not going to be easy! The village is poorly connected by public transport and I undertook a two-day journey to reach my final destination. Still, sitting on the bus and sticking my face to the window, I was caught in a state of bliss, gazing at the bright green landscapes and flat and hilly lands stretching before my eyes. Estonia was giving me its warmest and shiniest welcome!

Not just Estonia though. On the very first day, I was welcomed at Kodas – a family-run cider house and restaurant where I would spend the next two months and do my traineeship. I have been assigned to the marketing and sales area – quite a challenge for a graduate in arts and humanities! My tasks include liaising with international stakeholders, finding avenues to the Italian market for the company, promoting a newly set up co-working space in order to attract digital nomads from the Mediterranean coasts and assisting staff in local fairs and festivals. 

Everyday life in a off-world place is a whole experience in itself! This area of Estonia is highly depopulated and it has seen me wrap my mind around such an obstacle. A month has passed so far and I can safely say that this experience has given me time and space to reflect on my life and my future and develop new skills.