General news

The Acting Rector may be Appointed in June

On May 22 the Council of Tallinn University decided that from 1 September until the regular election of the Rector, an Acting Rector will take the Rector's Office.


"According to the rules, a proper candidate of the Acting Rector must first and foremost be a professor. In addition to that, the Council wants the Acting Rector to be well acquainted with the management of the university and to direct the activities of the university professionally, including following the current practices, ”said Taavi Laur, Chairman of the Council of Tallinn University. According to Laur, the Acting Rector may become clear already in June.

The Council also confirmed that there will be no extraordinary elections of the Rector. The university will follow the current plan where the next elections of the Rector will take place on May 2021.

"The next Rector will be appointed to the office on 15 May, 2021, which is also the Tallinn Day," specified Chairman Laur. On behalf of the Council, Laur also expressed the hope that there will be a lot of strong candidates for the election of the new rector, who appreciate the success of the university so far and set high goals.

The Acting Rector will be appinted to the office due to the fact that our current Rector Professor Tiit Land was elected as the next Rector of Tallinn University of Technology and he will take the office of our neighbour university from 1 September 2020.