What is RPL?

RPL is a process, which in simplified terms means that it is possible to take into account knowledge and experience acquired anywhere when fulfilling the admission requirements or completing a study programme in order to avoid learning what has already been learnt. RPL benefits those who wish to continue with their unfinished studies or change their speciality, as well as those who wish to apply for the accreditation of knowledge and skills gained from additional training, work and other experiences. In addition, it is possible to use RPL in awarding professional qualifications and planning a career in general. RPL is an opportunity!

RPL at Tallinn University

Recognition of prior learning and work experience in Tallinn University is regulated by Study Regulations.  Recognition is based on whether the acquired knowledge, skills and experience are suitable in content. Applying for RPL is free of charge for the students of Tallinn University as well as those who apply for RPL when fulfilling the admission requirements, fees for external students and non-students.

In Tallinn University it is possible to recognize prior...

degree studies (courses) in completing the curriculum

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training, work and other experience in completing the curriculum

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experience in fulfilling the admission requirements for MA and PhD

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The process of RPL
  1. step: Familiarizing yourself with the aims and principles of RPL
  2. step: Counselling and the applicant’s self-analysis
  3. step: Composing the application
  4. step: Submitting the documents
  5. step: Assessing the application
  6. step: Informing the applicant of the decision and feedback

PS! Prior to applying for RPL it is important for the applicant to conduct self-evaluation, gather evidence and compose the application. In order to avoid complaints about submitting an inadequate or surplus application, it is advised to consult an RPL counsellor beforehand.

Application forms, additional documents, instructions

For the recognition of prior learning and work experience a student (including external students) needs to submit an application and additional documents in the Study Information System. Non-students are required to submit their applications and additional documents on paper. Application and additional documents.

Assessing the RPL application

RPL applications are assessed individually. The application and submitted materials are assessed; if necessary, an interview may be conducted with the applicant; he/she may be given an extra task or asked for additional materials. The assessment criteria and time of applications.

Contacts and counselling

For additional information and counselling it is possible to turn to the RPL Counsellor of the academic unit supervising the curriculum (usually study coordinator or head of studies).