Estonian Annual Philosophy Conference 2018


OCTOBER 5-6, 2018
School of Humanities, Tallinn University


The great ambition of philosophy is to answer the so-called big questions: What is truth? What
is happiness? What is good? Plato believed that utopia becomes possible only once philosophers
become kings or kings begin to philosophize. Marx added that the task of philosophy is to
change the world.
However, if one surveys the history of philosophy from the scientific revolution to the present day,
then it seems that Bertrand Russell was right: previously philosophical subjects have gradually
turned into separate sciences. Physics, logic, economics, psychology, semantics - these are just a
few examples of sciences that have successfully separated from and even surpassed philosophy
in both their accomplishments as well as their societal impact. In the 20th and 21st centuries,
our daily lives are shaped by scientific discoveries and technological solutions, rather than
philosophical ideas. Answers to the big questions are also increasingly sought from science. In
the year Estonia steps into its second century of statehood, we will ask - what is the place of
philosophy in this brave new world?