Communication management in a multicultural environment

Communication management in a multicultural environment

Baltic Film, Media and Arts School

The focus of this training is the multicultural environment and the communication that takes place in it. Differences between cultures are approached through societal models, cultural dimensions, identity, cultural components, values and tolerant attitudes to develop mutual understanding for working in a multicultural environment.

09:30 - 16:00

Training code FKC0295/1

Registration deadline

Credits 8 academic hours

Minimum number of participants 5

Price 190 €

Document issued upon completion of training TLU certificate

Trainers Anastassia Zabrodskaja, professor of intercultural communication, TLU BFM

Training Manager

Target group of the course

Employees in multicultural environment, but those who want to learn more about managing intercultural communication in the organization are also welcome.



Cultural dimensions and models of multicultural society. National borders versus cultural borders. Identity (ethnic, linguistic). Intercultural communication in the workplace. Behavioral cultural components: attitude to time, space. Manifestations of discrimination and racism. Values. Communication techniques. Tolerant attitude towards people`s cultural and national differences and its expression in behavior.

Learning outcomes

  • Knows about cultural differences and how they effect communication;

  • Uses this knowledge in one's professional work;

  • Understands conversational behavior and identity at a critical level;

  • Orients oneself in the main directions of intercultural studies, applies the most important theories in practice;

  • Has developed oneself to work in a multicultural environment


Used methods

  • Cultural games (role plays, learning situations etc.);

  • Lectures (brainstorming, presentation of new material, discussions etc.);

  • Group work, pair work, independent work;

  • Analyzing and discussing personal feelings and experiences



Date Time Room
23.04.2024 09.30-16.00 N-407