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Creative Writing and Storytelling

Baltic Film, Media and Arts School

Telling stories is the best way to connect with people. How to do it well? What are the mechanics behind storytelling? If you wish to unvail this secret, you're welcome to join this course!

- 14:15 - 16:30

Credits 1 EAP (contact study 15 hours, independent work 13 hours)

Minimum number of participants 4

Price 220 EUR (per attendee, no VAT added)

Document issued upon completion of training TLU certificate

Trainers Michael Andrew Keerdo-Dawson, BA in Dramaturgy from Leeds University and MA in Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies from Tallinn University

Training Manager

Course description:

The course focuses on comparative analyses of stories in order to determine what they have in common and what is needed to tell a story: plot, character, conflict, theme, premise, genre, and how to break the rules successfully. The course uses film analysis and creative exercises to help students gain an understanding of how stories work. 

FEEDBACK: "Theoretical knowledge could be put in practice immediately during the lesson and then later while writing at home. Michael commented and gave recommendations on every written assignments." 

  • 01.03 - Lesson one: Terminology; Plot
  • 15.03 - Lesson two: Character
  • 12.04 - Lesson three: Conflict
  • 26.04 - Lesson four: Genre, Themes and Breaking the Rules
  • 10.05 - Lesson five: Discussion of the participants stories and feedback.


Watching short films and writing short analyses of them. 

FEEDBACK: "The course was useful and highly entertaining at the same time.
Group was small, easy to connect and have an intense conversation." 

Course trainer Michael Andrew Keerdo-Dawson: Michael began working for BFM in 2015. He lectures on various forms of fiction writing, from Creative Writing to Screenwriting. Before moving to Estonia he worked for the British film and television industry for ten years, holding various positions, mostly in post-production, film restoration, and editing. First, he worked for Yorkshire Television, later at ITV when the companies merged. At the same time, Michael worked for a variety of independent film production companies, writing and directing award-winning short films and a feature film which was praised by Film Int. He holds a BA in Dramaturgy from Leeds University and an MA in Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies from Tallinn University.

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