CoSIE project Tallinn meeting


CoSIE project Tallinn meeting

Additional information: Koidu Saia, Koidu.Saia@tlu.ee

CoSIE project Tallinn meeting

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Tuesday, May 14th: Pilot exchange

  • 9:00am / Welcome. Opening Words by Andres Jõesaar, Vice-Rector for Creative Activities and Cooperation at Tallinn University and by Harri Jalonen, Director of CoSIE, Turku University of Applied Sciences / M648
  • 9:15am / Re-rooting Co-Creation / M648
  • 9:45am / Co-Creation in Practice / M648 (plus breakout spaces to be allocated on the day) 
  • 10:45am / Coffee break/ M648
  • 11:15am / Co-Creation Synthesis / M648
  • 12:00pm / Using ICT and (Open) Data: Opportunities for Co-Creation / M648
  • 1:00pm / Lunch/ Astra building 1st floor
  • 2:00pm / Key Questions & Critical Reflection / M213 (plus breakout spaces to be allocated on the day)
  • 3:00pm / Mapping Innovation / M213 (plus breakout spaces to be allocated on the day)
  • 3:45pm / Innovation Synthesis / M213 
  • 4:15pm / Break
  • 4:30pm / Executive Board meeting / M213
  • 6:00pm / End of Day
  • 6:30pm / Joint dinner in the restaurant Kaerajaan in the Old Town of Tallinn https://www.kaerajaan.ee/en Location: https://www.kaerajaan.ee/en/restaurant-location

Wed, May 15th: Living Lab

  •  9:00am/ Session /room M-648, groupworks in rooms M-213 and M-608
  • 11:00am/ Coffee break /room M-648
  • 11:30am/ Session  / room M-648
  • 1:00pm/ Lunch /Mare building 3rd floor
  • 2:00pm/ Session  & Conclusions /room M-648
  • 4:00/ Advisory Board meeting / room M-648
  • 4:30pm/ End of Day

Practical information contact Koidu Saia, Koidu.Saia@tlu.ee, phone +372 6199 944, mob +372 56 975 142
Tallinn University: getting here, campus map
More about the host -  Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society

Project reference: 770492
Implementation: 1.12.2017- 30.11.2020


eu logo This project has received funding
from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 770492.