Public lecture

Public lecture "Introduction to Behavioral Public Policy"

11/05/2019 - 16:00 - 18:00

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In the public lecture "Introduction to Behavioral Public Policy. What future policymakers should know about human "irrationality": Applications for Social Policy and Development” the following subjects will be discussed:



  • evidence-based approach towards public policy
  • behavioral economics insights from public policy
  • nudges and BITs as a toolkit for behavioral public policy
  • alternatives for nudges and BITs
  • a set of practical examples (from different domains but mostly related household finance)
Participants are encouraged to join if learning how knowing more about human behavior helps in designing better policies, better services, and better products. One should expect to find answers to the following and similar questions:
Is it really the case that:
·switching to smaller plates reduces food waste?
·showing a photo of one's aged self increases saving contributions?
·text message reminders increase university enrolment?

The public lecture will be given by Pavlo Illiashenko, finance lecturer at TalTech with a specialization in behavioral finance and behavioral economics.

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