MIRNet first seminar “Can populists attract migrant voters?” will take place on 21 October


Wednesday, 21.10.2020, 15:00, zoom.

Twinning project MIRNet launches a public research seminar series where both members of the project team, but also other researchers at TLU and elsewhere working on migration, integration and citizenship studies are welcome to discuss their research, generate new project and paper ideas and help to form a functioning thematic research cluster at Tallinn University.

In the first seminar, TLU associate professor in political sociology Mari-Liis Jakobson and her co-authors Sebastián Umpierrez de Reguero (Diego Portales University/Leiden University) and Inci Öykü Yener-Roderburg (Strasbourg University/University of Duisburg-Essen) will be presenting their article on transnational populism.

While most studies on transnational populism have been focused on supranational level politics (e.g. the European Parliament), there are more numerous and notably more consequential manifestations of transnational populism in the form of populist politicians and parties campaigning among external voters. The article adopts the diverse case design and compares the campaign of left-wing populist MPAIS among Ecuadorians in Spain to the campaign of authoritarian populist AKP among Turks in Germany and the populist radical right EKRE’s campaign among Estonians in Finland. The paper outlines the key similarities that can be treated as the determinants of success among such parties, but also explores the particularity of forms transnational populism can take in case of different ideational types of populism and in different contexts.

For a more fruitful discussion, the article draft will be shared with the registered participants, the registration deadline is on 20. October.


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