Tallinn University development plan

I Introduction

BFM is a recognised international learning, research and a creative activity environment which uses modern technologies and is open to society. In the BFM, academic research of film, dance and other arts, media and communication, and practical creative activities are combined into an innovative, creative whole. Thus, the sustainable development and new generations in the areas are ensured.

We are an interdisciplinary research centre of the digital era, actively co-operating with enterprises and other institutions in Estonia and elsewhere in the world. We participate in the development of cultural and creative industries at the local, regional and global level, at the same time influencing the related areas of social life.

The BFM leads the focus field of the digital and media culture in Tallinn University, and participates in the development of the focus fields of educational innovation, cultural competences, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and society and open governance.

II The goals of the unit and relevance to the strategic goals of the university

Strategic goal 1. High-level research and creative work for Estonia

  • We will contribute to the study of Estonian film, audio-visual media, and dance as important parts of national culture, and develop field-critical competencies.
  • We will contribute to researching the contemporary media and digital culture, and to the development of the future internet by increasing the involvement of the lecturers and researchers of the BFM in these activities.
  • We will develop, in co-operation with the teachers, the didactics of creative subjects into an internationally recognised research field.
  • We will launch multidisciplinary RDC-projects in all fields of the BFM with external partners; we will ensure that the implementation of projects is backed up by a high-level support structure and create a system of incentives for the initiation and implementation of projects.
  • We will contribute significantly to shaping an evidence-based cultural policy (incl. media policy) with the aim of giving more value to culture, cultural creativity and cultural education (incl. media education) in the society.
  • We will build the university’s capacity in artistic research, and in the integration of the arts and state-of-the-art technologies.
  • We will actively develop professional terminology in Estonian and prepare study materials.


Strategic goal 2. Life-changing learning experience and education matching the needs of the 21st century

  • We will join different fields of the BFM and the university through educational and RDC activities, maintaining and developing the specifics of the specialties, and creating possibilities for innovation at the same time.
  • We will support the development of learners with a broad worldview, strong professional identity, ability to ask important questions, who are successful on both the Estonian and international labour markets.
  • We will endorse dialogic study culture.
  • We will create flexible learning possibilities that offer challenges and effort to the learners in the degree studies and continuing education.


Strategic goal 3. A smart and valued organisation

  • We will keep the BFM united, open to cultural diversity and sustainable.
  • We will develop the management of the School as inclusive, effective and value-based.
  • We will develop the BFM as a valued learning and workplace, where state-of-the-art technologies are used. 
  • We will enrich the cultural area by organising RDC events, and increasing the visibility and influence of the educational and RDC activities of the members and alumni of the BFM.