Time: October 12-13 2018, 10 AM – 5 PM 

Place: Tallinn, Narva mnt 27, Nova (BFM)

Masters of the three-act structure ruled the world of scriptwriting in the 1990s and early 2000s, but the last decade has seen a rising demand for new types of theories and practice. Studios, distributors, televisions, and especially the audience, expect to see stories with a much more complicated structure. In this new age, the leading expert in story-telling is LINDA ARONSON – a scriptwriter, editor and film theorist. Linda has analysed hundreds of unconventional movies and she is the first in the world to have developed a distinct framework and a thorough guide for writing a script that goes beyond the boundaries of the three-act structure.

In her teachings, she distinguishes between six non-linear/parallel narrative forms of script: Flashback, Tandem, Sequential, Multiple Protagonist, Double Journey and Fractured Tandem. She has created patterns that show how each form divides, splits, multiplies or cuts down the structure of the script and how these methods interact with the three-act structure. She has developed practical guidelines for all six forms and uses an ever-changing list of nearly 80 movies as examples. In her work she also touches upon scriptwriting for TV shows and her theories are used by video games scriptwriters of the new generation.

Linda Aronson has published many extremely successful books on scriptwriting (The 21st Century Screenplay, Screenwriting Updated: New and Conventional Ways of Writing for the Screen, Television Writing: The Ground Rules of Writing Sitcoms, Serials and Series, and others) and her master classes are anticipated all over the world.

The Tallinn master class is aimed at scriptwriters, writers, game developers, film directors, producers, editors, playwrights and stage directors, critics and the more advanced film and theatre students.


  • 300€ (VAT included);
  • Members of The Estonian Filmmakers Union 240€ (VAT included);
  • students 90€ (VAT included)


More information and registration:

Katrin Sigijane 
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Telephone(+372) 6199 908, (+372) 509 6692


The training is funded by the European Regional Development Fund trough the Creative Gate project

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