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Facilitating Successful Intercultural Communication between Tallinn and Monroe

The ERASMUS+ teacher mobility program between Tallinn University and the University of Louisiana Monroe (USA) persisted in January-February 2024, during which Dr Anastassia Zabrodskaja, Professor of Intercultural Communication and Head of the Communication Management Master’s programme, travelled to Monroe to conduct teaching sessions.


ERASMUS+ teacher cooperation between University of Louisiana Monroe (ULM) and Tallinn University has taken place again. ULM opened in 1931 as Ouachita Parish Junior College and is now a public university in Monroe, Louisiana, forming part of the University of Louisiana System. TLU Baltic Film, Media, and Arts School actively participates in research within the field of Intercultural Communication and Communication Management. The school provides a Master’s Programme in Communication Management, being the pioneer in initiating a teaching staff mobility project with a university from the USA (North American region as a whole). The primary objective of this initiative is to contribute significant added value to intercultural communication studies, both within and beyond the European context, with a specific emphasis on educational settings. Hence, the encounters between the two educational institutions proved to be mutually beneficial.


The ERASMUS+ program's Key Action 1 played a pivotal role in facilitating teacher mobility between institutions in both Programme and Partner countries. The primary objective of this initiative was to foster international collaboration and address essential aspects of intercultural communication and communication management in a multilingual and multinational setting. The teacher mobility facilitated by ERASMUS+ not only reinforced the proficiency of these skills but also enabled participating professors to exchange valuable ideas and best practices. The fruitful exchange of ideas, coupled with the cultivation of 21st-century skills through dynamic interactions, has not only benefited the participating professors but has also played a significant role in strengthening intercultural ties between Estonia and the USA. This collaborative effort has contributed positively to the overall enrichment of both educational systems and has furthered the program's goal of fostering a more interconnected and globally aware academic community.

The Erasmus+ teacher mobility program has facilitated ongoing dynamic intercultural interaction between students from Tallinn and Monroe, fostering a rich telecollaboration experience that spans three autumn semesters. This now-permanent initiative has not only broadened global perspectives but has also honed students' communication and teamwork skills in an intercultural context. Both professors involved in the project are dedicated to effective intercultural education and the development of courses designed to broaden global perspectives and enhance intercultural competence in educational institutions.

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The text is authored by Dr Anastassia Zabrodskaja, who is a Professor of Intercultural Communication, the Head of the Communication Management master’s programme at Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media and Arts School, and the Executive Director of the European Masters in Intercultural Communication (EMICC) teaching and research network.