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The international dance performance RAZDEDAUCH was premiered

On April 1, the international dance performance RAZDEDAUCH, where teachers and students of Choreography and IKUMUMU curricula were important part of creative team, was premiered at Sakala 3 Theatre House in Tallinn.


RAZDEDAUCH is a collaborative performance of dance artists from 7 countries within the project "BET - Body, Experience, Time through 45+ dancers", supported by "Creative Europe". The dancers from Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the UK and Estonia are experienced professionals in age 50–65. After premiere in Tallinn, the performance will be shown in Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Finland in summer and autumn 2022. The leader of the EU project is Fine5 Dance Theater from Estonia.ehitus

Tiina Ollesk and Renee Nõmmik, lecturers of Tallinn University BFM Choreography curricula, participated in RAZDEDAUCH as main organizers, choreographers and dancers. MA students Sandra Põld, Aneta Varts, Kristiina Vilipõld, David Truusa, Birgit Orulaid, Marit Miller (supervisors T. Ollesk, R. Nõmmik) were the assistants of the project in frames of the production practice. Music for the project was designed and composed by BFM IKUMUMU lecturer Gerhard Lock and IKUMUMU BA student Ardo Richter (supervisor G. Lock). Hans-Gunter Lock, the head of the Estonian Media Studio of EAA and a lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater, installed the ambitious sound-dome of the Sakala3 Theater House Chamber Hall for the production. The music compositions for this extraordinary environment were created by Otto Iivari, MA student at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater (supervisor H.-G. Lock), and Gerhard Lock, commissioned by Fine5 Dance Theatre. The sound-dome workshops for the students of the sound production courses at EMTA and EAA were conducted by Hans-Gunter Lock. Students and alumni of TU IKUMUMU and DTI also got acquainted with Gerhard Lock.lavastus

The main theme of RAZDEDAUCH is boundaries inside and outside of us. The work opens international dance artists creative personalities and expresses the journey of the human soul, its borderless nature and the need for physical and emotional touch in the current world.

"BET - body, experience, time through 45+ dancers" is supported by Creative Europe 2020-2024, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Tallinn City, Latvian Ministry of Culture, Dance Theater MD (Tampere, Finland), Hammerfest Commune (Norway), Nordic Culture Point, Arts Promotion Center Finland. Estonian performances took place in cooperation with: Sakala3 Teatrimaja, Fine5 Dance Theater, PARTY, Stellaris DansTeater, Hans-Gunter Lock, Gerhard Lock, Kalle Aasamäe, Ants Kurist, Ardo Richter, TU BUMM IKUMUMU and choreography curricula, students of EAMT and EAA sound production courses.

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