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New PostDoc Researchers at MEDIT: Philipp Dominik Keidl

Three young promising researchers from abroad will join MEDIT team, we asked them: Q1: What has been their field of interest so far? Q2: What is the topic you intend to study at MEDIT and by which methods? Q3: Why TLU / MEDIT?

Philipp Keidl

I am currently completing my Ph.D. in Film & Moving Image Studies at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. My research interests focus on media preservation, transmedia, fandom, material culture, and public history. In my dissertation Plastic Heritage: Fans and the Making of History, I examine fans practicing history, including case studies on print and online publication projects, restoration tutorials, and fan-curated exhibitions.
My post-doctoral project at MEDIT, Transmedia and Historiography: Archives, Metadata, Power, considers the preservation and accessibility of European transmedia storytelling projects. It analyses five case studies drawn from different cultural sectors (i.e., film, television, dance, education, museums) to outline the challenges of transmedia preservation in national, media, and amateur archives. Particular emphasis will be given to the examination of metadata’s configuration of hierarchies across different textual elements of transmedia projects, authorial control, and modes of participation. By bringing together transmedia studies and archival theory, this critical examination will result in the development of a metadata model for more effective, diverse, and transparent knowledge exchanges in the archiving and study of media.
I am excited to join MEDIT because of its excellent international reputation and renowned group of interdisciplinary researchers, as well as Tallinn University's leading role in researching and teaching cross-media in collaboration with institutional partners from the cultural sector.   ​