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Strengthening Connections between Tallinn and Ioannina

Professor Anastassia Zabrodskaja Kreekas

From 13th to 17th May 2024, Dr. Anastassia Zabrodskaja, Professor of Intercultural Communication and Head of the Communication Management Master’s programme, participated in the ERASMUS+ teacher mobility and training programme at the University of Ioannina in Greece.

Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media and Arts School offers a Master’s Programme in Communication Management covering various subjects focusing on diverse paths within Communication Management, with a particular emphasis on Intercultural Communication. Future collaboration between this programme and the Master's degree in Curation: Theoretical and Practical Approaches is being considered. This unique master's programme is specialized in curation from both theoretical and practical perspectives, a distinction within Greek Higher Education Institutions. Students receive comprehensive training in cultural studies, curatorial studies, public history, and related fields.

Additionally, collaboration with the Master's degree in Visual Arts was discussed. This programme aims to develop students’ artistic thinking and enhance their skills for successful engagement in the international art scene. It aims to update and educate students on international artistic trends, the utilization of new media and creative techniques, and the development of personal artistic expression to support their unique artistic careers.

Establishing partnerships between programmes that operate at the intersection of interdisciplinary fields can provide master’s students with valuable internship opportunities. It is planned that students from those programmes could work together to develop multimedia exhibitions or events that integrate communication strategies with curation and artistic expression. This approach can enrich students’ understanding of how (intercultural) communication, curation, and visual arts intersect and complement each other.

Professor Anastassia Zabrodskaja delivered lectures that centred on the themes of Super-Diversity, Multilingualism, and Intercultural Communication. Additionally, she actively participated in the celebratory events commemorating the 60th anniversary of the University of Ioannina.

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The text is authored by Dr Anastassia Zabrodskaja, who is a Professor of Intercultural Communication, the Head of the Communication Management master’s programme at Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media and Arts School, and the Executive Director of the European Masters in Intercultural Communication (EMICC) teaching and research network.