TU Alumnus Isaac Diaz Carpio

When I think about TU, I think about people, friends, classes, lecturers, the campus, working hard and my thesis. 



What did you study, where are you from and when did you graduate?

I moved to Tallinn in August 2014 from Barcelona to study Communication Management MA in Tallinn University. And I graduated on a sunny day of June 2016.

What are the most important achievements in your life?

I can't think of concrete achievements, but I am proud of the life I have and how far I've got. I am living in an intercultural environment, meeting and learning from people everyday, I got a job position in the communication field at TransferWise, and I picture myself like a global person.

What do you wish to accomplish in your current work?

I was lucky to basically start a new project on my work, it's now like my child. And my objectives now are keep growing at work, improving what I am doing and keep learning from my colleagues.

How have your university studies at TU helped you to achieve your goals?

In my studies I liked the balance between theory that motivates your critical thinking, and the practical side that we see through real cases. I liked that many of my lecturers were communication practitioners who have a real picture of the communication world.

Why did you choose Estonia, Tallinn University and your specialty?

As my ex-flatmate always says, I want to believe that Estonia chose me. I was looking for MA programmes in the north of Europe about communication, and the programme at Tallinn University seemed good. Estonia was a rising technological nation with plenty of opportunities, and I thought I could  have a total different experience from what other Spaniards do, such as going to typical places like London, Amsterdam or Berlin. 

What comes to your mind when you think back at your studies at TU?

When I think about TU, I think about people, friends, classes, lecturers, the campus, working hard and my thesis. 

Do you have any recommendations to people who want to start their university studies and are looking for the right specialty?

My recommendation would be to read the programme, don't be shy to send an e-mail and ask any question you have, try to picture yourself in the new society you are thinking to move, follow your instincts and try to enjoy everything what you do at all times. Things aren't always as we all expect, but we have the opportunity to make things better!

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