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Mait Agu's Stipend at the performative installation CLIENT DAY

October 1st marks the birthday of the legendary Estonian dance teacher and Dance Festival leader Mait Agu. Traditionally the TLU choreography curriculum awards a stipend each year on his birthday, this year it will be given out at 4 PM in a performative installation at the soon-to-be opened workshop complex Naked Island at Paljassaare (Laevastiku 3) in Tallinn. The event is curated by artist Flo Kasearu and the head of the choreography curriculum Oksana Tralla.


This year two stipends will be given out to two choreographers: Marta Jamsja and Maido Saar

Marta Jamsja is a young dance artist who graduated from BFM with diploma cum paude last spring and is now working on her traineeship at Prague with the Lenka Vagnerova company. She has a wide range as an artist and practices both folk and contemporary dance. She has represented TLU at international student film festivals with her dance films.

Maido Saar was a student of Mait Agu. He has a long history of creating choreography for the field of folk dance and is a beloved dance pedagogue, an acclaimed dance teacher and the founder and creative head of the dance society „Lee“. He was the artistic director of the 19th Dance Festival and the concept author and director of the Dance Festival „Lävel“ in 2007. 

2019 marks the year of the 21st Mait Agu stipend. The stipend was founded in 1999 in the TLU choreography department with the aim to support talented students and choreographers. The stipend is give to the student, alumni or a creative collective who has contributed something important either creatively or theoretically in the past year, has been a notable student and/or has taken part in many dance projects. 

Mait Agu stipend is given out with the support of the Cultural Endowments Folk Culture endowment.