Students comedy film cassette "That's how it goes?" will be screened at Kinos Sõprus

Lühifilmide kassett
Lühifilmide kassett

BFM film students invite all movie lovers to enjoy the new comedy film cassette "Nii jaeabki v?", which contains five short films. The screenings will take place on April 29, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. in the Old Town Hall of Kino Sõprus and on May 2, 2024 at 6:15 p.m. in Kino Sõprus Noblessner Hall.

The action of "Siren" (20 min) takes place in a magical and criminal world, where fairy-tale characters turn an ordinary dinner into comical chaos. Despite this, Toomas' world only revolves around Eevi, the neighbor's house. The day has finally arrived when the woman arrives at her husband's place for dinner. However, not everything goes according to plan - unfortunately for Toomas, a beautiful girl throws herself in front of his car. The events that unfold from here threaten to turn the shy Toomas and his neighbor Eevi into criminals. Director Katariina Škurinski.

"Melten Power" (19 min) - A satirical comedy about a world where the death of the last cow leads to a butter fight. Food item or price increases. Society is falling apart. Turbulent times become even more turbulent when Ramses eats his family's last supply of butter. Now Ramses must embark on a dangerous journey with his wife Hera to find the butter... Directed by Franz Malmsten.

"What's Up With Numbats?" (12 min) - Devoted librarian Eve embarks on a hunt for an overdue book to confirm to her co-worker where the anteaters live. "Late" was nominated in the best short film of the year 2024 category of the Estonian Film and TV Awards and is a candidate for the prestigious Sony Future Filmmaker Awards in the best short film of the year 2024 category. Director Elis Rumma.

"Ab absurdo" (17 min) - A short film spiced with black humor that explores the inner world of two lonely people in absurd situations. Ada, the star of the stage, and Jonas, who is growing up before the eyes of the audience, are looking for relief and a sense of existence, going through a chaotic journey together on the border between death and life. Director-screenwriter Iris Peil.

"Christmas Eve" (18 min) is a heartfelt and humorous short film that tells the story of the strong bond between Pia and her grandfather. The story takes place in the middle of the usual Christmas hustle and bustle, with stressful gift wrapping, deafening screaming children and the traditionally funny family Christmas dinner. In the midst of all this chaos, Pia finds herself for a moment in a new reality where she is able to find her Christmas joy again and remember how much we need the warmth and acceptance of our family in good times and bad. Director Alexandra Pärn.

The short films were born as a joint work of young filmmakers and offer viewers a fresh glimpse into the future of Estonian cinematography.