Press Release

TLU, EKA and EAMT signed a framework agreement to promote creative research


Today, on June 9, at 11:00, the rectors of the three universities Mart Kalm, Ivari Ilja, and Tõnu Viik signed a contract by neurocoupling.

The field of creative research, which has developed rapidly in recent decades around the world, combines creative practices - (audio) visual arts, design, architecture, performing arts, music interpretation, composition, etc. - and research. In the course of creative research, new knowledge and cultural forms and creative and research methods are created through the creative process.

"As the natural sciences discover new facts about the world and the environment, creative research is working on the means of cultural expression to create new ways of understanding the world. Both are needed to offer humanity new development alternatives. Much of the creative research is developing various new media, mediation, or creative technologies, which are now important growth areas and economic drivers. That is why this is an area that needs special attention, and in order to organize and systematize its activities, three universities have created a new framework agreement,” explains Indrek Ibrus, Professor of Media Innovation at Tallinn University.

The Estonian Academy of Arts, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater, and the Baltic Film, Media and Arts School of Tallinn University are the most important centers of creative studies in Estonia, offering doctoral programs in art, design, architecture, music interpretation, composition, performing arts and audiovisual arts. The aim of the Framework Agreement is to support and develop creative research and related doctoral curricula and to recognize creative research as an equal part of the diverse research landscape.

When concluding a framework agreement three doctoral students from each university represented their research projects. Projects were represented by Michael Keerdo-Dawson, a doctoral student at Tallinn University (“Interactivity and Film Dramaturgy: A Fractured Climax as the Terminal of Dramatic Meaning-Making”), Maarja Mitt-Pichen, a doctoral student at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater (“Influence of mental tasks on the objectively measurable properties of the voice”) and Britta Benno, a doctoral student at the Estonian Academy of Arts (“Thinking in Layers, Imagining in Layers: Posthumanistic Landscapes in the Field of Extended Drawing and Printing Graphics”).

The integration of universities through a framework agreement on creative research was celebrated with a neuronal performance “NeuroKnitting debate” with the participation of rectors, conducted by Varvara Guljajeva, associate professor of textile design at EKA, and Mar Canet (Varvara & Mar), a senior researcher at Tallinn University.

Estonian Artistic Research Framework Agreement (PDF)