The cost of living in Estonia is one of the most affordable ones among European countries. However, it will vary depending on the person's accommodation choice (location and type of place), lifestyle and spending patterns. 

Rent: in university dormitories the price range is from €80–€200 utilities included. To rent an apartment it is necessary to take into account the location and number of bedrooms, the price range is from €400–€900. Additionally to the rent, the utilities costs ( Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) are also going to vary depending on the type of apartment and the season. The price range in summer time can be from €80–€150, while in winter time can be from €120–€250. 

Food: there are different chain stores around Estonia where a student can purchase their groceries. There are also local markets to purchase fresh ingredients  and also specialized stores. The budget to have a comfortable diet is around €250–€300. 

Transport: Public transport is free of charge for residents of Tallinn including international students with a Temporary Residence Permit for Studies. In other cities around Estonia the one-way ticket (for public transport in the city) costs €1.50 and the person can use any means of public transport during the subsequents 60 minutes, it is necessary to validate every journey. 

For other types of transport the price will vary depending on the type of service and distance. 

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