he centre will give you information about where and when your exam will be held no later than a week before the exam day. You must make sure that you arrive at the right time.

Exam start times can be different for each session. Speaking test may take place on the same day as the written part of the exam or it can be held up to a week before the written part of the exam.

The centre will give you a copy of the Notice to candidates. This tells you how you must behave in the exam, and you must read it carefully. If you do not follow the instructions, you may be stopped from taking the exam, or you may not receive a result.

You may be asked to fill out a Candidate Information Sheet. Cambridge English uses this information as part of its research and development programme to improve the quality of the exams.
The information you give is treated anonymously and is strictly confidential.

You may be asked to complete a short ‘anchor test’. Cambridge English  uses this information as part of its quality control programme. The ‘anchor test’ will not affect your exam result.

We may also record your Speaking test as part of Cambridge English’s quality control procedures.

If you have a problem which you think might affect your performance during the exam you must tell your centre on the day of the exam. See the Notice to candidates for more information. The centre will check the problem and if appropriate will report it to Cambridge English for consideration when deciding your result.

If you miss the exam because of  illness, you may be allowed a full or part refund. You will need to give medical evidence to your centre.