Every student has his/her own academic unit and each academic unit has its own departmental Erasmus coordinator who will help you with your studies at Tallinn University (selecting courses, signing your learning agreement, etc).

Please note that each coordinator has information about the courses taught by her academic unit.

For Tallinn University (TLU) degree students: Departmental Erasmus Coordinators offer counsel and assistance also to you in case you have applied for Erasmus+ exchange studies at TLU partner universities in Europe. Make sure you contact the coordinator of your specific academic unit.

Baltic Film, Media and Arts School
Ms Crisely Apri | crisely.apri@tlu.ee | Room: V-403 | Tel. +372 619 9923

School of Digital Technologies
Ms Maria Saar | maria.saar@tlu.ee | Room: A-431 | Tel. +372 640 9354

School of Educational Sciences
Ms Brita Smitt | britasm@tlu.ee
| Room: M-444 |Tel. +372 619 9710

School of Governance, Law and Society
Ms Kadri Leit-Tromp | kadri.leit-tromp@tlu.ee | Room: M-564 | Tel. +372 640 9455

School of Humanities
Ms Maris Peters | maris.peters@tlu.ee | Room: S-408 |  Tel.+372 640 9344

School of Natural Sciences and Health
Ms Sille Silluta | sille.silluta@tlu.ee | Room: S-212 | Tel. +372 640 9472
Information about sports courses:
Ms Reeda Tuula | reeda.tuula@tlu.ee | Room: T-312

S - Silva Building
T - Terra Building
M - Mare Building
U - Ursa Building
N - Nova Building
A - Astra Building

Detailed information about the campus can be found here.