Design Sprint in the frame of "Product Management Foundations" course


Students of the Management of Information Technology Master's programme concluded their 'Product Management Foundations' course with a fast-paced Design Sprint led by Karolin Kaplan (Design Lead at Pipedrive) and Seda Sahradyan (Senior Product Manager at Glia). 

Students formed a total of 5 teams, and each team was given a problem they had to solve by the end of the workshop. Due to time constraints (just 3 hours instead of the usual 5 days), was decided  to focus on ideation and decision-making phases using methods such as Lighting Demo, Crazy 8, and more. By the end of the workshop, every team presented their storyboard to the class, illustrating their solution to the given problem. Throughout the intense 3 hours, students showcased creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.


This important workshop is a mandatory part of the 'Product Management Foundations' course as it provides students with real, hands-on practices used by organizations globally.

The course