Inspiring Leadership: HCI experts gather at Tallinn University


Under the supervision of Vladimir Tomberg, the head of the Human-Computer Interaction Master's programme, the HCI group at the School of Digital Technologies hosted an inspiring Meetup on June 3rd, featuring a talk by HCI alumna Valeria Gasik. Titled "Leadership for HCI Experts: Alumni Stories & Career Path Inspirations," the event attracted a diverse group of HCI professionals eager to explore new career paths.

Valeria Gasik, a successful HCI expert, shared her journey from an independent contributor to a strategic leadership role. Her story resonated with the audience, many of whom are on similar career paths. She highlighted how passion, empathy, and HCI skills can lead to leadership roles, challenging the belief that these positions are only for later in one's career.


Attendees engaged in discussions about the differences between leading and managing and the idea of nonlinear professional growth. Gasik's insights offered a new perspective on expanding career horizons.

The event ended with a lively social mix-up, where attendees networked and exchanged ideas. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm, inspiring participants to take bold steps in their careers.


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