The traditional spring seminar of the School of Digital Technologies “eVent” will take place on the 14th of May

The traditional spring seminar of the School of Digital Technologies “eVent” will take place on Tuesday, 14th of May, at 13.00-16.15, in Astra building, Researcher’s forum. School will summarize the past academic year, talk about the most important achievements, events and projects and will try to find new opportunities for cooperation with other schools of the University. Seminar will take place in English.


School of Digital Technologies is inviting everyone to its traditional spring seminar “eVent” 2024. This year there will be presentations held not only by academic stuff, but also students. The seminar consists of two parts and parallel sessions will also take place. The agenda can be found below.

13.00-15.15 Astra building, Researcher’s forum 

Peeter Normak: Opening Speech
Nuno Correia /William Primett /Naoto Hieda: MODINA: Movement, Digital Intelligence and Interactive Audience 
Danial Hooshyar /Kaja Toomla: Edu-HAI  grant
Sonia Sousa / Gabriela Beltrao: TrustedID: Cross-Cultural Factors Affecting Trust in Technology
Mustafa Can Özdemir: Digital Explorers: ICT-focused knowledge and talent exchange initiative between the Baltics and Kenya
Merja Bauters: Collaborative Creation of Interdisciplinary Masters programme - and what can go wrong?
Merike Saar :AI use in education from the perspective of teachers and learners 
Kristin Parve: Computational Thinking tasks for math lessons
Kais Allkivi-Metsoja / Taavi Kamarik: ELLE platform for Estonian language learners and educators - what’s new and what’s next?

 15.15-16.15 Parallel sessions

Session 1: Astra building, Researcher’s forum    
Monaliisa Murs, Darina Akhmetzyanova, Human- Computer Interaction programme students: reation of DiaGoals - a goal-setting app for youth with diabetes
Mykhailo Stavrovsky and the team, Digital Learning Games  programme student: Creation of the "Linguss" game 
Merli Lall / Fifi Arisandi, Digital Learning Games programme students: Magility project: The Magic of Agility 


Session 2: Mare building, EDU SPACE


Tampere University,  TLU School of Digital Technologies, AISS master program's associated partners: Examples from interdisciplinary project-based courses with clients
The SiteS- project and Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Societies Program organise a small training session on how they have executed interdisciplinary project courses with real clients.