Visit to DUX Design Studio in the frame of Enterprise seminar: “A good designer is like a psychologist”


Students of the School of Digital Technologies visited DUX Design Studio on April 18th, where the partner and designer of DUX, Kristian Lember, welcomed them. Kristian gave an overview about the studio's operations, the kind of projects they handle, and the qualifications needed to become a skilled UX & UI designer. 

DUX Design Studio has been on the market for 10 years and has received numerous design awards. DUX offers services for businesses, startups, developers and the public sector. One of the public sector projects that DUX Studio team is managing at the moment is “Terviseportaal” which is a new concept for the existing patient portal digilugu.ee where Estonian people can look and manage their health related information. DUX designers are working on making the new version of the portal more functional and user friendly. The visual side is no less important as this is one of the strong sides of the DUX Studio. Kristian mentioned that these kinds of technical projects can take years before they are ready.

Other subjects included storytelling, the relationship between designers and developers, and how the jobs are distributed among the various parties engaged in the same project. The students were interested to learn how website redesign projects are handled, how user research pricing works, and how to obtain experience as a beginning UX/UI designer.


A good designer, according to Kristian, is like a psychologist.You need to have a strong grasp of people and be an excellent communicator with the ability to separate the crucial information from the noise. Additionally important are strong debate abilities and the capacity to clearly communicate your opinions. Using a specific colour as an example, Kristian demonstrated how one should present the reason and main idea behind this exact choice to the client. 

In the course "Enterprise Seminar" at Tallinn University's School of Digital Technologies, professionals from the IT industry give insight into their jobs and the market in their specific field. The seminars are open to everyone, so keep an eye out for the next invitation and join us on the next visit. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Roberta Lupp, our Coordinator of Business Cooperation, via email at roberta.lupp@tlu.ee.