Visit to Scoro in the frame of Enterprise seminar

Tallinn University, School of Digital Technologies is cooperating with Scoro for the second year. Our Coordinator with Companies, Liina Guiter is in charge of the course “Enterprise Seminar” where experts in the IT-sector give insight into their jobs and the market in their specific field.


This time, the successful SAAS company, Scoro, invited our students to their office to imagine their potential role in it, have discussions and ask questions. Thanks to these visits there is an opportunity for students to get feedback from companies, highlight the most needed skills in the job market and get motivated. Below we are sharing the impression of one of our students Abimbola Toyosi Adegoke from the visit.

Scoro 1

The Seminar was organized to educate students on the customer onboarding process at Scoro, a  software-as-a-service solution for professional and creative services. It consisted of a physical tour of the office as well as an informative part delivered by Kai Auger, Senior Customer Onboarding Expert focused on the business explanations and workflow. Both parts ran successively while interlocking throughout the seminar, as its main goal was the best practices and tools at Scoro, the development of 21st century work ethics and team bonding activities.

Before the seminar, I had no idea what the company services were as well as their 4 day workweek culture. It was really interesting to see a workplace that puts its employees at the centre of their decision-making with several activities in place for team building. This of course has made the company attractive to the outside world as it promotes a healthy work-life balance. 

For the past months, Scoro has implemented the 4 day workweek into their system and the results have shown that the employees are more productive.

The session got me thinking about the changing nature of work and how there are countless technologies today that can benefit both employers and employees. Alternative working patterns are becoming more and more prevalent, which can lead to effective and productive working styles. What would I do if I were in charge in such an environment and what would be the yardstick to measure the pace of work? These thoughts came to mind as Kai described the Scoro workplace culture.

Kai explained how clients are screened and onboarded into the Scoro system as well as showed how the clients further implement the software. The Scoro software helps customers manage their resources as the software is designed for companies very particular about how their time is spent. Kai manages 7 to 10 projects at the same time and the whole onboarding process can take as long as 2 to 6 months. With an open API, onboarding clients for technical support and integration have been made easy. The Scoro software also helps manage sales, finances and reporting in one easy-to-use solution. The onboarding process includes: 

  • Kick off call;
  • business process mapping;
  • workflow consultations and setup:
  • managing opportunities;
  • resource planning;
  • project management;
  • detailed project budget tracking;
  • reports and dashboards;
  • Q&A sessions;
  • assistance with data migration;
  • assistance with integration setup;
  • assistance with customizing PDF templates;
  • team training sessions.

Another interesting point Kai made was her seamless transition to a new career as a Customer Onboarding expert. She described how it is doable to venture into a new career without having a mental breakdown and Scoro gave her that. It gives the assurance that in the future, I will be able to make transitory career moves. She emphasized that the seamless career change was due to the structured system at Scoro which explains why a business has to have a structure - it makes the workflow tidy and also helps the employees’ performances. 

Scoro 2

To work as a customer onboarding expert, one has to possess a number of skills ranging from project management to client communications; technical skills like CRM/ERP; programming skills are not mandatory, but a bonus. A customer onboarding expert is expected to understand complicated processes and explain them in a concise manner and be ready to take initiative. I see these skills and personalities as general 21st century skills required for working in world-changing companies.

There is no win without challenges - while Kai mentioned the wins for the Customer Onboarding team, she explained the main challenges, which are;

  • Different expectations to the onboarding process;
  • delays in the timeline;
  • functionality vs client needs;
  • complicated workflows;
  • software adoption;
  • change management.

The wins however shine through - finding solutions and making them work, learning about different industries and above all,  having a happy client give positive feedback.

More inspiring visits are planned for 2023!