Tallinn University’s e-mail system has two e-mails for each user, of which one is based on the account name and the other (e-mail pseudonym) is in the general format of Givenname.Surname@tlu.ee. This address is created for every existing user and gets created when a new user has been made. The addition of the e-mail pseudonym to existing accounts is done by using data given to the IT department when the account was created.

As the e-mail system cannot use all the different symbols used in names, the following rules are usually complied with:

- diacritics (additional characters above, below, in, aside or across, which change the meaning of the letter) are not used, only the basic glyphs are used;

- the apostrophe in the name is omitted;

- the space is replaced with underscore.

If the name cannot be written in the required format in accordance with the said rules, each individual case is solved separately.

In the case of two or more same e-mail address pseudonyms, every address created later than the first one will receive an underscore followed by a number (example: Test.Dummy_01@tlu.ee).

E-mail pseudonyms are case insensitive (it does not matter if the letters are upper or lower case), so all of the following e-mail aliases are equally applicable: test.dummy@tlu.ee, Test.Dummy@tlu.ee, TEST.DUMMY@tlu.ee.

For sending letters from a longer e-mail address (e-mail pseudonym), it must be added to Google by the user (unfortunately we cannot do that). In Google Mail, do the following: ‘Options’ (gear icon) -> ‘Show all options’ -> ‘Accounts’ -> ‘Send mail as:’ -> ‘Add another e-mail address’ (enter your givenname.surname@tlu.ee address) -> ‘Make default’.  Only once this process is successfully completed, it is possible to send e-mails from your long e-mail address. If that is not done, Google will make the address shorter by default, even while using MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird where the long address is configured as the sender’s address.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact the user administrator:

Henni-Maria Johanson

Phone 640 9193
Room S-203 (Silva House)
Reception Mon
–Fri 10.00–12.00 and 13.00-16.00