Tallinn University development plan

I Introduction

The mission of TLU Haapsalu College is to promote, through education, research, and development, a healthy and safe life of people both in the Western region and across Estonia. In planning the activities required to meet the goals, we follow the strategic goals and policies set out in the Tallinn University Development Plan. The contribution of the College to the fulfilment of the university’s mission is primarily related to serving the society by involving enterprises, institutions of the public and third sector in the main activity, and implementing knowledge transfer.

The activities of the College are mainly associated with the focus fields of healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and society and open governance. Haapsalu College supports the development of the region in its fields of competence (health promotion, traffic safety, rehabilitation and mud treatment, IT and design, and community work in ageing society). In the Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation, important development studies in Estonia in the areas of curative mud and mud treatment, and people’s abilities for exercise and activity are carried out, and novel health and natural products are developed and designed in co-operation with entrepreneurs.

II The relevance of the goals of the TLU Haapsalu College Development Plan to the strategic goals of Tallinn University for the years 2023-2027

1. High-level research and creative work for Estonia

The Haapsalu College and the Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation (TERE KK) are sustainable centres of knowledge and applied research as well as science communicators in all spheres of their competence. The role of the College in the region is to support the functioning of entrepreneurship, health economy and education in the local community.

  1. Life-changing learning experience and education matching future needs

Haapsalu College and TERE KK implement sectoral competences and generate added value in the Western region and across Estonia. Study programmes of Haapsalu College are operational, interdisciplinary and in line with the developments of the constantly changing labour market. The Master’s programme Community Work in Ageing Society soon to be opened in the College establishes a group of researchers of the new field in the unit. For the College student, the learning environment is attractive and flexible, and supports the needs of an adult learner.

  1. A smart and valued organisation

The management of Haapsalu College is inclusive and geared to ensuring the sustainability of staff and financial resources through active provision of continuing education and services, and project activity. The learners and employees at the College are satisfied with their learning and working conditions.