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Anthropology module in the Liberal Arts Programme covers an essential base of the current anthropological scholarship and literature. It facilitates an introduction to possible continuation of studies in the field of anthropology.

Key themes and schools of thought are discussed in four core courses:

  • Economic anthropology - this course analyses economic activities as social relations interwoven with everyday life in the context of global capitalism. It analyses the economic lives of ordinary people through concepts such as money, debt, exchange, the gift, markets and social inequalities, and ideas of good life and human economy.
  • Introduction to Anthropology – the course gives an overview of the development of social and cultural anthropology, its main fields of research, basic concepts, theoretical schools and current debates in contemporary socio-cultural anthropology.
  • Anthropology of Anthropology – dealing with the current debates in anthropological theory, methodology and epistemology, while considering the development of the discipline.
  • Special Course in Anthropology – choice from a variety of courses offered by current faculty and guest lecturers, e.g. Environmental Anthropology, Anthropology of Consciousness, Anthropological Cinema and many others.

For students finding a growing interest in the field of anthropology there's a chance to take additional classes as free electives.  

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