2nd Joint Workshop in Semiotics of Tallinn University and the University of Bologna

On September 29, the 2nd Joint Workshop in Semiotics will be held at Tallinn University in cooperation with the "Umberto Eco" center of the University of Bologna, which this time will focus on the semiotics of conflicts.

Semiotics of Conflicts
Semiotics of Conflicts

A year ago, Tallinn University’s School of Humanities and the ‘Umberto Eco’ International Centre for the Humanities at the University of Bologna signed a bilateral agreement for academic cooperation.

On that occasion, the two institutions initiated a series of joint workshops in semiotics. The inaugural workshop took place in Bologna in June 2022 and focused on semiotic and digital approaches to memory and heritage. The second workshop will take place at Tallinn University on the 29th of September.

According to Daniele Monticelli, Professor of Semiotics and Translation Studies at Tallinn University, scholars from the University of Bologna, Tallinn and Tartu will explore the potential of semiotic concepts and methods in the analysis of the conflicts that characterize our societies, often grounded in symbolic and cultural issues.

“Participants will introduce theoretical frameworks for the study of conflict, alongside a series of case studies ranging from the ecological crisis to cancel culture and conspiracy narratives. The workshop is open to the public and all are welcome to participate,” noted Monticelli.

The workshop is open to the public (no prior registration required) and all are welcome to participate.    


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