The advanced module of Russian Language and Culture focuses on various aspects of Russian culture, language and literature, and gives you the opportunity to learn the specifics of Russian culture as well as the links with other cultures of the world.

The module consists of the following courses:

These subjects provide an overview of the main stages of the development of Russian culture through the 20th-21st centuries and give a clear understanding of the formation of Russian culture. At the same time, the subjects support the development of your knowledge in the 20th century Russian literature, promote understanding of the traditional and innovative forms in the history of literature and give a panoramic view on contemporary literature.

Through language learning, you can improve their Russian language skills both in speech and in writing - the choice of basic texts allows you to get a bigger picture of today's Russian culture and environment.

In addition to the compulsory subjects of the module, according to their interests and goals, you can take other Russian language and culture subjects as free electives, including the module of Russian Language and Literature. The free electives can also be used to improve the Russian language skills.

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