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Five reasons to study at the Educational Innovation and Leadership study program

Chenying Chen, the alumna of the Educational Innovation and Leadership MA program, shares with us her five reasons to study at the Educational Innovation and Leadership study program.

Chenying Chen


Before coming to Tallinn University, I worked at an early childhood education center in China for four and a half years. As a teacher and department supervisor, I grappled with questions about motivating teachers and supporting their professional development. I was seeking practical, hands-on solutions to these challenges.

During my search, I discovered Tallinn University's Educational Innovation and Leadership program, which seemed like a perfect fit after exploring the program details and learning more about Estonia.

  • One of the program's standout features was visiting different Estonian schools. This opportunity was particularly appealing because the Estonian educational system differs significantly from what I experienced in China. Exploring Estonian education allowed me to see its unique dynamics and prompted reflections on practical education.
  • What makes this program unique is its blend of innovation and leadership. Innovation needs strong leadership to bring ideas to life, and this program provides a pragmatic and real-world perspective.
  • A notable advantage of studying here is the opportunity to learn from the best. Tallinn University has been a leader in teacher education in Estonia since 1919. Tallinn University has a long-standing reputation in teacher education, and the passionate professors here have expanded my professional network. I currently work at a school where the head of education was one of our program's instructors.
  • Our small study group, with only 13 students in our cohort, has been a great asset. It has allowed us to have dynamic discussions, participate in seminars, and collaborate as teams.
  • Moreover, this program is open to candidates from diverse backgrounds. This rich diversity has proven to be a wellspring of learning as we gain insights from our peers with varying perspectives.

In summary, my decision to join Tallinn University's Educational Innovation and Leadership program has proven to be a significant and rewarding choice for my personal and professional growth. I'm excited to continue my journey of exploration and learning, guided by the principles of innovation and leadership.

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