TLU Alumna Reet Sillavee

Being a student is wonderful status that opens so many windows and doors, use it!

Reet Sillavee


What did you study, where are you from and when did you graduate?

I am from the most beautiful island of Estonia - Saaremaa. In Tallinn University I graduated from Teacher of Humanities BA course in 2014 and hopefully this spring I will graduate from Educational Management MA.

What are the most important achievements in your life?

I like to think that my biggest actions are still to come. But of course being a part of TU's Student Council Board meant a lot to me, lowering the voting age with Estonian National Youth Council was something that took a lot of work from many people and is a very big thing (changing the constitution does not happen every other day). On a more personal level I am proud of myself for taking up the two exchange studies I have had - they really were jumping to the unknown water and swimming out.

What do you wish to accomplish in your current work?

Currently I am working in Tallinn University on a new MA programme Educational Innovation and Leadership and I really wish that people will find it and join it as it really is a very good programme.

How have your university studies at TU helped you to achieve your goals?

As a BA student I took up all the opportunities to participate in things. May it be institute level Student Union, organizing committee of some sort or event, being part of this or that board - step by step building my confidence and by some times burning my fingers learning about my capabilities. This might be most important thing one should do, during especially initial university studies - get to know yourself. Tallinn University gave me the chance to grow into the person I am.

Why did you choose Tallinn University and your specialty?

With my BA studies, to be honest, I just did not know what to go for. So I applied to Pedagogy as this is a job that is always needed. My MA choice was very conscious. After graduating BA I had my wonder around in different fields and topics and in the end of the day it all pointed to education. I might have wanted to deny it as working in education is very difficult, but right now I feel very empowered and glad I made this choice.

What comes to your mind when you think back at your studies at TU?

Feeling equal in the classroom. Of course with some exceptions, the professors and lectures really take you as a partner and co-creator of knowledge.

Do you have any recommendations to people who want to start their university studies and are looking for the right specialty?

Don't set yourself any limitations with only going for the hot and popular curriculum all my friends are applying for. Be brave to make a different choice. And make the time count! Being a student is wonderful status that opens so many windows and doors, use it!

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