Dear Graduate,


Congratulations! For your convenience please read the information below.

The ceremony will begin with the procession (graduates and academic staff) which will be followed by the Estonian national anthem. After the speech and a musical interlude the diplomas will be handed out by programme: the names will be read out one by one. When hearing your name, you'll move forward to accept your diploma, then sign for it and receive a flower before moving back to your seat. The graduate's speech will be followed by everyone singing Gaudeamus (the lyrics will be handed out to your seat beforehand) and a procession out. The event will take ca 1,5 hours, the MA ceremony around 1 hour.

What to wear?

As the ceremony is a formal daytime affair, wearing a (lighter, if possible) suit or a blazer with dress pants will be appropriate. When choosing a dress or a skirt and blouse combination it's good to keep in mind that plunging necklines or back cut-outs are more appropriate for eveningwear. 

Live Broadcast
The guests will be able to enter the ceremony hall 15 minutes before the beginning. As the ceremony hall only fits a few hundred people, you can also tell your guests that the ceremony will be live broadcast in the Astra building lobby, on the 4th floor of Terra building (T-410) and in all the TVs on campus.


The ceremony will be photographed by Sven Meresmaa. You can order photos from here: