Vice-Rector for Research
Professor of Data Analysis

katrin niglas


Born on January 27, 1970 in Tallinn


1997–2004    Tallinn Pedagogical University/Tallinn University, PhD
1998–1999    University of Cambridge, MPhil
1993–1996    Tallinn Pedagogical University/Tallinn University, MA    
1995              University of Helsinki (CIMO scholarship holder)
1988–1993    Tallinn Pedagogical University
1982–1988    Tallinn Arte Secondary School
1977–1982    Tallinn Secondary School of Science


2011-             Vice-Rector for Research at Tallinn University (TLU)
2009 -            Professor at TLU School of Digital Technologies
2004–2009    Associate Professor at the TLU Institute of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
2001–2007    Head of the TLU Department of Informatics
2004–2006    Vice-Dean of TLU Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
1994–2004    Lecturer at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Tallinn Pedagogical University

Research and teaching

I began my academic work in the speciality of informatics and computing. Having a strong background in the exact sciences and, at the same time, competence in education and psychology, I specialised in the field of statistics and data analysis.

Within the framework of doctoral thesis, I concentrated on the issues of research methodology, setting the focus on the topic of the combined use of qualitative and quantitative methods. I am the founding member of the researchers’ association Mixed Methods International Research Association and a member of the editorial boards of three high-level international research journals. I have participated in multiple research projects in different fields of social and educational sciences as an expert in methodology and data analysis.
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Activity in research organisations and social activity

In the early years of my career, I became a member of the Estonian Statistical Society and as of 2008, I am the Council member of the society. I participated actively in the activity of the Tallinn Association of Scientists and served as its representative until the year 2008. Soon, I became a member of the International Association for Statistical Education (IASE) and its correspondent in Estonia, and a member of the working group of young researchers of the European Education Research Association (EERA). 

As a representative of Universities Estonia and Tallinn University, I have participated in many national governing bodies in the area of education and research, spoken on the subjects of the reliability of science, cooperation with enterprises, etc.