Public lecture

Prof. Jim Marshall: „Palaeo-environments and Human Ancestors: Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania"

Come listen to a public lecture by Prof. Jim Marshall, a renowned sedimentologist and geochemist at the University of Liverpool.

11/12/2019 - 10:00 - 11:30

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Prof. Jim Marshall is a carbonate sedimentologist and sedimentary geochemist. He is interested in combining different methods to understand past environments and climate and has been fortunate to publish work on material from the Precambrian to Recent. 

Prof. J. Marshall will give a lecture and seminar on the topic „Palaeo-environments and Human Ancestors: Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania“ on November 12th at 10:00 in the seminar room of the Institute of Ecology M523, Mare building, Uus Sadama 5, Tallinn University. The talk will demonstrate how current studies of the Pleistocene sediments at Olduvai help us to understand the hydrology and landscape in which our ancient ancestors lived. It is also possible to attend the field work course on 13th of November.

For registration and information contact: Tiiu Koff,

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