Come and Learn the Secrets of One of the Worlds Best Education Systems

The director of the School of Educational Sciences at Tallinn University, Tiia Õun, shares her thoughts on why Estonia is successful in the world in the field of education and why you should choose educational sciences in Estonia as a career.

Tiia Õun portrait

Why choose a career in educational sciences at Tallinn University?
Educational sciences provides a broad and strong background for working with learners of different ages from kindergarten to university and also in non-formal education. Graduates of our School can contribute to the development of learners at all levels and work in educational institutions to provide input into education leadership and policy. For example, a career in the educational sciences field offers an opportunity to work as a teacher, director of a school, special educator, specialist of education in the ministry or a trainer, for example, in-service training. It is also possible to work in non-formal education, for example, as a youth worker or as an adult educator.

Why study educational sciences specifically in Estonia?
In Estonia, education is highly valued and, as a small country, we have tried to guide the organization and content of education in the country as a whole. It has also made us internationally renowned as an innovative country with a well-thought-out education system that develops its education system on an evidence-based basis. We support cross-domain approach that is based on research, development, inclusive educational policy, cooperation and dialogue with social partners.

Why do you think Estonia is so successful in offering high quality basic education, which is demonstrated by the PISA results?
In Estonia, at each stage of education, from kindergarten to an institution of higher education, the learner is prioritized and we have tried to find innovative and science-based methods and approaches of learning and teaching. At the same time, we have tried to keep the tradition of integrated teaching. I believe that the success of PISA is based on our learner-centered, innovative, evidence-based approach and traditional values.

How does Tallinn University the School of Educational Sciences contribute to Estonia's success story with its world-class pre- and primary education?
In the School of Educational Sciences, we see our responsibility as a leader in teacher education, and we make a great contribution to the training of both pre-school teachers and primary teachers. Their training is based on the principles of modern learning and teaching and we support the educational innovation in their training as well. We also develop the preparation of all subject teachers at the university as a whole.

We are a modern and innovative university where every learner can use their potential in the best possible way.

What have potential students and people from abroad to learn from Estonia's education system?
In our education system, it is possible to learn a systematic and holistic approach to education. We are certainly known internationally as a country that deals with research and implementation of educational technology at every level of education and we are very open to sharing this experience in our Educational Innovation and Leadership Master's programme.

Name one reason why people should choose degree studies in educational sciences in the School of Educational Sciences of Tallinn University.
We are a modern and innovative university where every learner can use their potential in the best possible way.