Educational Innovation and Leadership Group Work

Hi, I am Alina and meet my Educational Innovation and Leadership group.

educational innovation

Unfortunately, not everyone from the group are there, since we all are active and have different conferences, seminars, educational visits and so on. But next time, we'll manage to be all present. 

Few words about our programme: the Educational Innovation and Leadership MA is a 2 year Master´s programme in English. The programme is all about improving what matters the most – education, and doing it not according to some inner feeling, but evidence-based and on research. We, the international students, are taught to be the co-creators and leaders of learning process by developing the 21st-century skills. In studies, there is a big emphasis on the connection between education and psychology, as well as on educational technology. Studying is based on moderation of practice and theory, there a lot of site visits, reflections. Professors and lecturers are not only from Tallinn University but also from the Netherlands, Finland, UK!

Studying at Tallinn University is so inspiring and I even wrote a poem.

Poem “EduInno Group”

Our group is quite diverse, but it’s great, it’s not a curse.
There are 2 handsome American boys among 10 charming and pretty girls.
Well, you see, there are 12 of us,
We are not supposed to make much fuss.
9 countries are within this group,
and here is a really friendly atmosphere.
We’re from Slovakia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Georgia, Japan,
Namibia, China, Mexico, Brazil.
We’re all different, but still TLU is our own will.
We’re all here to develop and improve.
Ourselves, the countries we are coming from.
To become a real leader and a great professional.
Our choice was not a random one,
but deliberate and conscious.
We all hope to have nice time, though are studying full-time.
We’re inspired and that’s why we can easily survive.

Do you want to know more about Alina's experience at TLU? Find her contact on our Student Ambassadors' webpage!
Read more about her programme here!

Video made by:
Veronika Yashkina - stage director, editor
Sofia Jürimäe - camera operator, editor
Karl-Olaf Olmann - sound engineer