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My First Month in Tallinn

I am Alina and I can name the first month at TLU as FACET: Fascinating, Awesome, Cultural, Educational, Transparent.


My acquaintance with the university started on 26 August during the orientation week for international students. On Monday everyone came to Astra building, signed their arrival, and received a Welcome Bag. It was so nice! 


What was inside, you may ask? It's a textile bag full of "must-haves" to survive in Estonia: a hat, gloves, a reflector, a raincoat, a pen and a nice postcard. It's so nice to have something from the university, you really feel that you are in the right place.

Orientation week was 5 days full of important information for any international student because it is devoted to all topics you need when you go to another country. For example, living in Estonia, applying for TPR, opening a bank account, policy of the country, cultural peculiarities, working in Estonia, transportation, system of education, etc.

On the final day an Opening Ceremony, a concert and a Rector’s Reception took place. Well, the whole week went fast and I was really inspired.

On Friday I met my course mates and lecturers - it wasn't just saying "Hello" in the classroom but also getting acquainted in Pääskula trail, where we spent great time. The format allowed everyone feel comfortable and open, we managed to learn a lot about each other. Here I understood even better what my programm Educational Innovation and Leadership is about - it is innovative, interesting and effective.

My group is international and diverse, there are 12 of us and we come from 9 different countries. It's not a problem that we all have different cultural background, it's rather our benefit. We have a lot to share, introduce and compare.

My course mates are really friendly and we spend a lot of time together. But not just my course mates are friendly but people at the whole university are. There is always someone who is willing to help: the lecturers, the staff members. They give you advice and useful recommendations. The university has a supportive environment for studying: rooms are well equipped, Wi-Fi is everywhere, support for SEN students is also provided, etc.


At Tallinn University every student has a personal account- there is information about all the courses, exams, schedules. Having your account is convenient. The schedule is for the whole semester; you can plan everything without a problem. For me it's something unbelievable because at my home university I could not plan even a week because of constant changes. The academic part and studying is completely the opposite I experienced while doing my BA in Ukraine and I really appreciate my education here.

During the first month I started my studies, got acquainted with many international students, read books, visited some of famous Estonian places and got a lot of ideas how to develop myself as an innovative leader in education.

Do you want to know more about Alina's experience at TLU? Find her contact on our Student Ambassadors' webpage!